Roller Shutters and Security Shutters in Darlington

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a resilient and safe form of security, with an industrial strength that’s suitable for domestic, commercial and corporate uses. They’re one of the more traditional security solutions out there – and the fact that you’ll still see them protecting shops on high streets up and down the country shows just how hardwearing they are. Having a strong shutter system can be essential for giving your property that much-needed boost in security.

A Range of Benefits

The primary benefit of fitting a rolling shutter to your property is, of course, security; roller shutters will protect your building from potential intruders during closing hours. However, choose the right shutter system and you’ll also benefit from additional benefits such as fire resistance or minimised heat loss for a more energy efficient building.

Custom Security

Getting the right rolling shutter is important, and they’re certainly not a one-size-fits-all instalment. From the material used, to the system that opens and closes the shutter, your roller shutters need to be optimised for your building and needs. This is why we focus on supplying a range of different options, and our team will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you before you make a selection to ensure that you get the right security solution.

Suggested Uses

There are a wide range of different applications that roller shutters can be particularly useful for, spanning across both commercial and corporate uses – and they can even be installed on domestic properties. A few common applications include:

Retail Development Projects


Council Buildings


Bars and Restaurants

Office Buildings

Apartment Blocks

Choosing Your Rolling Shutter

The final step to getting an updated security system that’s up to the job is choosing the right shutter for your building. You’ll need to choose how much strength and security you want, as well as the type of shutter and any finishing touches, such as colour or design. This is where we recommend that you let us get involved: when you call up for your free quote you can also get advice about the type of system that’s going to work best. Just tell us about your goals and security concerns, and we’ll be able to help you find something suitable.

Perfect Alongside Other Security Options

One of the best ways to make use of roller shutters is as part of a wider security plan. Alarms, CCTV cameras and perimeter fencing can all be added to your property, and when combined together these separate security measures will deter trespassers, provide a physical barrier to prevent their entry, record images of any attempted break-ins and alert you/the authorities via alarm systems. Live Wire Electric Gates & Doors are happy to help you with your entire, comprehensive security solution – or just one part of it – and either way we will offer incredible service that sets us apart.

Why Choose Live Wire?

Well, aside from the excellent service that our team is so proud of, you also get a strong, high-quality product that will provide your property with excellent protection. You can call us at your own convenience on 01833 627 776 to get a free quote, with no obligations at all. If you choose to let Live Wire get to work on your roller shutters and security systems, we’ll make sure that you’re kept informed of the progress every step of the way.