Security Perimeter Fencing in Darlington

Perimeter Fencing

Contact Live Wire Electric Gates and Doors for strong and resilient perimeter fencing in Darlington, Harrowgate Hill, Harrowgate Village and the surrounding areas. Perimeter fencing helps you to establish a high-quality security perimeter around your property, protecting both the premises and the stock that you keep there. This security solution has been specifically designed for your safety and security, can be installed quickly and easily and is incredibly effective once in position.


Rural Solutions

Our perimeter fencing systems offer enhanced privacy and control over livestock movement so it is the ideal choice for farms and private countryside properties. Whether you are trying to stop animals from reaching your crops, keep your livestock safe or prevent them from wandering, we can provide a suitable solution.

Security, Your Way

You can choose from electric, metal or timber fencing so you can benefit from the perimeter security that is best suited to your needs and budget. These materials allow control over the aesthetics of your property without compromising on security (for example, timber gives a rustic look without compromising on strength). We can also provide a custom look for your fencing, to ensure that it is suited to your property.

Additional Security Services

Security fencing is the perfect starting point for securing your property but there are many additional security options available to provide further coverage. This includes CCTV, security alarms and industrial strength doors, take a look at our individual service pages for more information.

Define Your Property

Stake a clear claim over your property whilst keeping intruders at bay. These fences can act as a deterrent as well as a preventative measure; creating an imposing barrier which stops people from approaching your property. For domestic clients, this means keeping your home and your family safe, while for corporate clients it ensures the protection of your business.


Electric Perimeter Fencing

A high-tech option, electric fencing provides a sharp but non-lethal shock, and is a popular deterrent for animals. Safe yet effective, this is a popular solution as it can be customised to better suit the aesthetics of your own property whilst keeping your premises safe from intruders of any kind.

Live Wire Electric Gates and Doors are a team of specialists who are proud to deliver an exceptional product and service. We will guide you through the entire process, from your free quotation to the finished result, ensuring that every detail meets your unique requirements.


We are happy to cover all of our products and work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have hundreds of happy customers in North East England who we have served over the past ten years. To find out more and get your free no obligation quote, contact us today. You can also view a wide range of projects that we’ve worked on for a more solid idea of the quality of service we provide by visiting our gallery.

Features & Benefits

Perimeter Fencing for Commercial, Corporate and Domestic Properties

Suitable for Securing Livestock

Effective Boundary Management

Deter and Prevent Intruders

Secure and Safe

Available in Styles and Materials to Suit You

Tailored Service, from Order to Completion

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